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Life Sketch
26 June
Born at Laxmi Vilas Palace, Bawada, Kolhapur.
3 January
Bapusaheb; elder brother of Shahu was born.
17 March
Adoption Ceremony
Coronation Ceremony
Chhatrapati Shahu was respectfully addressed by the citizen’s of Kolhapur.
31 December
Travelled to Rajkot for education.
Shahu was admitted to the famous Rajkumar Mahavidyalay, Rajkot.
20 March
Shahu’s father; Jaysingrao alias Abasaheb Ghatge died.
22 March
Shahu and his friends reached Kolhapur to attend Abasaheb’s funeral.
Shahu meets Governor General Lord Dufferin at Mumbai.
8 May
Chhatrapati Shahu laid a Foundation stone of Kolhapur Miraj Railway.
Shahu returned to Kolhapur from Rajkumar Mahavidyalay, Rajkot.
22 May
Sir Stuart Mitford Fraser was appointed as Shahu’s teacher and guardian.
11 June
Went to Dharwad for further education.
Meet Prince Albert victor during his visit to India and Nepal.
1 April
Married to Laxmibai; daughter of Gunajirao Khanvilkar of Baroda.
20 April
Kolhapur Miraj Railway was inaugurated by the auspicious hands of Governor Lord Harris.
21 April
Governor Lord Harris inaugurated an industrial exhibition at Kolhapur.
11 May  
Marriage ceremony of Bapusaheb Maharaj; Shahu’s brother.
5 November to 21 December
Shahu visited south India along with his co-learners and Sir Fraser.
28 October to 24 December
Shahu visited north India along with his co-learners and Sir Fraser.
Shahu returned to Kolhapur from Dharwad.
Raghunath Vyankaji Sabnis was appointed as Shahu’s local teacher.
Shahu completed his academic education.
Shahu visited entire Karveer Sansthan to perceive administration and to know about his kingdom.
10 March
Shahu’s first baby girl princess Radhabai alias Akkasaheb was born.
2 April
Governor Lord Harris handed over the charge to Chhatrapati Shahu of governing Karveer Sansthan.
Chhatrapati Shahu addressed to the citizens of Kolhapur and declared his first manifesto assuring public welfare.
13 April
Raghunath Vyankaji Sabnis was appointed as Shahu’s secretary (Huzur Chitnis).
14 April
Chhatrapati Shahu declared his first pronouncement.
Courts were prohibited auctioning cattles of farmers.
Regulations regarding hunting were published.
10 August
Chhatrapati Shahu handed over the authority of Kagal Province to his brother Bapusaheb.
24 September
Chhatrapati Shahu was hosted and honored in a public meeting at Pune.
1 January
Queen Victoria honored Chhatrapati Shahu with ‘G.C.S.I.’.
21 March to 20 April
Chhatrapati Shahu stayed in the tribal region of Panhala & listened to the grumbles of tribes.
27 March
Chhatrapati Shahu offered a grand welcome ceremony to the Governor Lord Sandhurst at Pune. The occasion was; inauguration of new building of Fergusson College. Shahu was the president of the institution.
31 May
Chhatrapati Shahu returned his rights to the Governor General of hanging to the criminals till death.
1 June
Bhaskarrao Jadhav was appointed as ‘Sahayak Sarsubhaa’.
24 August
Jungle law was declared to protect wildlife in the region. At the same time Chhatrapati Shahu reserved rights of tribes.
26 August
Shivaji Smarak Deligation meets Chhatrapati Shahu in his court regarding repairing work of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaja’s Mausoleum.
1 September
Sou. Radhabai Krushnarao Kelavkar was appointed as a chief of the Department of Female Education.
18 September
Governor Lord Sandhurst assigned the signet to Chhatrapati Shahu at Pune.
Chhatrapati Shahu was honored by ‘G.C.S.I.’.
Chhatrapati Shahu accepted presidential post of ‘Shivaji Nidhi Samitee’.
14 December
Great grandmother of Chhatrapati Shahu passed away.
Chhatrapati Shahu started work of ‘Shahupuri’ - the new Merchant Center in Kolhapur.
Chhatrapati Shahu visited regions in Sahyadri ranges.
24 June
Raghunath Vyankoji Sabnis was appointed as the Minister of revenue.
22 August
‘Maratha Aikyechchu Sabhaa’ honored Chhatrapati Shahu at Boribandar Station.
15 October
Chhatrapati Shahu inaugurated a dispensary in the memory of Ahilyabai Holkar.
20 November
Chhatrapati Shahu visited drought affected regions of Raibag, Gadhinglaj and Katkol.
18 January
Colonel Ray was appointed as the British political agent.
January to May
Chhatrapati Shahu visited drought affected regions of Bhudargad and Panhalpeta.
21 June
A special court was organized at the new palace on the occasion of Queen Victoria’s Silver Jubilee.
22 June
Chhatrapati Shahu laid the foundation stone of ‘Victoria Leper Asayama’  building.
31 July
Birth of Chhatrapati Shahu’s first son; Rajaram Maharaj.
5 September
Raghunath Vyankaji Sabnis was appointed as a Diwan of Karveer Sansthan.
Chhatrapati Shahu planned numerous remedies against dearth & plague.
15 April
Birth of Chhatrapati Shahu’s second son; Prince Shivaji.
5 August
Efforts to make Chhatrapati Shahu as a victim in the case of poisoning to the British political agent Colonel Ray.
Early morning Chhatrapati Shahu went to Panchaganga River for bath where the ‘Vedokta controversy’ began.
Palace of Kolhapur, Palace of Panhala & British office were connected through telephone for speedy decisions regarding activity to restrict plague.
24 May
Victoria honored Chhatrapati Shahu as a ‘Maharaja’ considering his dedication to his duty of public welfare.
18 May
‘Victoria Maratha Boarding House’ was inaugurated by the auspicious hands of the British Political agent Sir W. T. Morrison.
Chhatrapati Shahu was drawn in Balmaharaj adoption legislation.
Discussion of Chhatrapati Shahu and Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak regarding Tai Maharaj issue.
25 September
Colonel Cilley laid down the foundation stone of the new building of the Maratha Hostel.
1 October
Chhatrapati Shahu ordered to perform all the religious rituals according to the Vedas.
Krushnabai Kelavkar was appointed as an assistant doctor at Albert Edward memorial hospital.
Chhatrapati Shahu meets Sir Stuart Mitford Fraser in Bangalore. He was Shahu’s teacher and guardian.
16 April
‘Vedokta Comittee’ presented a detailed report.
Chhatrapati Shahu was entitled by vedokta.
6 May
All the rewards and authorities of Rajopadhye were sealed.
11 May
Chhatrapati Shahu was honored by Southern Maratha Kings at Miraj.
14 May
Chhatrapati Shahu departed Kolhapur to attend the coronation ceremony of the British King seventh Edward.
17 May
Chhatrapati Shahu’s departed from Mumbai to England.
2 June
Chhatrapati Shahu reached England.
10 June
Considering his work in educational & cultural fields, university of Cambridge awarded Chhatrapati Shahu with the honorary degree of ‘L. L. D.’.
12 June
A grand welcome ceremony was organized to respect Chhatrapati Shahu by Winchester College.
16 June
Chhatrapati Shahu along with other Hindi Kings attended a military pared of 30,000 solders.
17 June
Chhatrapati Shahu attended a hosting ceremony by ‘Royal Asiatic Society of London’.
Chhatrapati Shahu attended a ceremony of ‘Imperial Institute’ at London. All the Indian kings were honored in this ceremony.
30 June
Sir Alfred Pease of the British Parliament organized a special honor for Chhatrapati Shahu.
‘Royal Agriculture Society’ declared an honorary membership to Chhatrapati Shahu.
2 July
Prince of Wales honored Chhatrapati Shahu.
Chhatrapati Shahu visited Windsor castle along with Shinde of Gwalior.
11 July
On behalf of all Indian Kings; Chhatrapati Shahu delivered a speech at ‘Royal Colonial Institute’. The program was organized on the occasion of the coronation ceremony.
16 July
Chhatrapati Shahu meets his well wisher Sir William LeWarner.
24 July
Chhatrapati Shahu and his family started his Europe tour.
26 July
The first declaration of 50% reservation to the backward class was published in the Gazetteer of Karveer Sansthan.
1 August
Chhatrapati Shahu returned to England from his Europe tour. Discussed about the difficulties with Indian students in England.
9 August
Chhatrapati Shahu attended the coronation ceremony of the British King Edward (VII) at ‘West Minister Abbey’
Chhatrapati Shahu left the British coast.
30 August
Chhatrapati Shahu reached Mumbai coast.
31 August
Chhatrapati Shahu reached Kolhapur.
2 September
Citizens of Karveer Sansthan honored Chhatrapati Shahu regarding his safe arrival from England.
Without the Atonement for sea faring Chhatrapati Shahu visited to pray the goddess Ambabai & the goddess Bhawani.
14 September
Chhatrapati Shahu’s adoptive mother Anandibai Ranisaheb passed away.

1 January
Chhatrapati Shahu attended the prime ceremony of ‘Delhi Darbar’.
9 January
Duke of Connaught honored Chhatrapati Shahu with the degree of C. G. V. O.
He was the first Indian king to get this honor.
19 February
Political agent Colonel Ferris refused Rajopadhye’s application.
1 April
Bhaskarrao jadhav was appointed as Superintendent of Kolhapur Municipality.
Engagement of princess Radhabai alias Akkasaheb with the King of Devas; Maharaja Tukojirao Pawar.
Governor Lord Lamington visited Kolhapur. He was highly impressed with the public welfare work of Chhatrapati Shahu.
1 January
British Government awarded Chhatrapati Shahu with the degree of M. E. O. C.
2 January
The right of the superior court was offered to Chhatrapati Shahu by Mumbai Government.
Chhatrapati Shahu visited Bhavnagar along with the princes.
Chhatrapati Shahu inaugurated a knitting mill at Shirol.
9 May
Rajopadhye’s application was rejected by the national government. It proved Chhatrapati Shahu’s victory.
Tatyaarao Joshirao; a Purohit; was appointed in the place of Rajopadhye.
10 July
Karveer Shankaracharya declared full rights of Vedokta to Chhatrapati Shahu.
10 September
All the property of Shankaracharya Math (Monastery) was returned to Shri . Vidhya Narasinh Bharati.
22 September
Prof. Vijapurkar was suspended.
9 November
Welcome ceremony of British Prince & Princess at Mumbai (Bombay).
18 November
Lord Minton takes over as the Governor of Indi. Chhatrapati Shahu attended this ceremony in Mumbai(Bombay).
Chhatrapati Shahu attended the farewell ceremony of Lord Curzon who returned England from Mumbai(Bombay).
20 December
The Brahmin community of Kolhapur agreed to the Vedokta rights of Chhatrapati Shahu.
9 September
Chhatrapati Shahu meets General Minto at Shimla.
27 September
Foundation stone of ‘Shree Shahu Spinning & weaving Mill’ was laid down by the auspicious hands of Chhatrapati Shahu.
15 November
‘The King Edward Mohamedan Education Society’ was formed. Chhatrapati Shahu became the founder president.
Chhatrapati Shahu delivered a guidance speech in front of Lingayat Society at Siddhagiri.
Renowned engineer Vishweshwarayya visited Kolhapur. He visited many lakes in Kolhapur province.
1 March
Chhatrapati Shahu appealed to the institutions and Jahagirdars to help Fergusson College.
11 June
Chhatrapati Shahu ordered not to organise any public meeting without permission of the district magistrate.
16 June
Chhatrapati Shahu got injured after falling down from horse during hunting at Dajipur.
5 March
A grand welcome ceremony of the king of Gwalior, Madhaorao Shinde
21 March
Wedding ceremony of Princess Radhabai alias Akkasaheb. For this occasion Bhawani Mandap was built. Radhanagari, a town was established for this occasion.
14 April
The first hostel for backward classes was started. Shahu named this hostel as ‘Miss. Clark Hostel’.
9 January
‘Shree Shahu Weaver’s Assocation’ was established.
16 January
Death of Shahu’s step mother Radhabai.
Construction of Radhanagari dam begun by the auspicious hands of Laxmibai Ranisaheb.
4 April
Shahu’s daughter was gifted with a son (Vikramsinh).
11 January
‘Shree Shahu Satyashodhak Samaj’ was established. The founder president was Bhaskarrao Jadhav.s
20 May
Decided to exempt all fees to economically backward classes.  
23 May
7th conference of ‘Bharat Natya Samaj’ took place at Khetwadi (Panhala Lodgee), Mumbai. A residence of Shahu in Mumbai.
The ‘first resident’ of Kolhapur Colonel F. W. Woodhouse.
24 September
Decided to exempt all fees to students of backward classes.
12 December
Shahu was awarded with a degree of ‘C.G.I.E.’ at Delhi in a Darbar of George 5th.
2 February
Decided to start a ‘Ddelhi Darbar Memorial Patil School’, in the memory of ‘Delhi Darbar’.
11 May
Prince Rajaram & Prince Shivaji went to England for education.
12 May
A special school was started to educate Patil’s.
25 May
Death of Shahu’s Grandmother Sakwarbai Ranisaheb.
7 October
Surgery of tonsillitis on Shahu.
16 November
Announced a scheme of providing houses to ***.
28 May
Announced a school in every village.
1 June
Co-operative Society Act of Hindusthan Government was as it is adopted in Kolhapur State.
‘Satyashodhak School’ was established for religious education. Vitthalrao Done was the chief.
30 September
The first cooperative society ‘Kolhapur Urban Co-Operative Society’ was established. Bhaskarrao jadhav was the founder chairman.
23 November
Governor Lord Willingdon’s visit to Kolhapur.
Declared a use of Balbodh Script for office correspondence.   
8 April
Shahu inaugurated the first ‘Industrial & Agriculture Exhibition’ at Kolhapur.
12 April
Maharaj Tukojirao Holkar visited Kolhapur with his family.
17 April
A special darbar was called to honor Tukojirao Holkar.
Shahu put a foundation stone of ‘Palace Theatre’.
Shahu meet governor lord Willingdon to discuss about war funds.
1 January
King George 5th declared Shahu as a ‘honorary Colonel’ of 103 Maratha Infantry Battalion.
26 March
Senior court in England decided Taimaharaj case against Shahu. S
2 to 8 May
Governor Lord Willingdon’s Kolhapur visit.
20 May
Shahu inaugurated ‘Smt. Saraswatibai Goud Saraswat Brahman Vasatigruh’.
Prince Rajaram & prince Shivaji returned from England due to world war.
Both of them were send to ‘Alahabad Krushi Vidyapeeth’ for education.
2 August
Shahu went to Indore
26 October
Shahu went to Delhi to attend ‘Narendra Mandal Parishad’.
30 & 31 October
Shahu attended ‘Narendra Mandal Parishad’.
8 & 9 November
Shahu attended wedding of Frejher’s daughter.
18 February
Shahu took immediate action against commotion during military recruitment.
22 March
Meeting of Shahu & the governor of India in Mumbai.
6 June
Daughter of Shankarrao Jagtap, Jamukanna got married with prince Shivaji.
After marriage, she was renamed as Indumati Ranisaheb.
9 July
Dr. Kurtkoti was selected as Shankaracharya of Karveer peeth.
New law was declared for Devasthan’s in the state.
14 July
Shahu was selected as a member of ‘Military Recruitment Committee’.
Strict implementation of the law of Remarriage of widows and marriage registration.
8 September
Declared free but compulsory primary education to all.
30 September
Inaugurated a ‘Compulsory Education’ scheme.
8 November
Shahu’s speech about ‘How to develop agriculture’ during ‘Narendra Mandal Parishad’.
12 November
Shahu meet Indian minister Montague and discussed about separate constituencies according to casts.
28 December
Shahu attended 11th ‘Maratha Shikshan Parishad’  at Khamgao as it’s president.
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